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GPO Official Rating: Level 3

It’s all in the details. We submitted RequestAPrint samples to the U.S. Government Publishing Office and our company has been rated as a Quality Level 3, the highest rating for large format digital printing. We work hard to make sure the prints you receive are the best they can be, and it’s nice that the GPO agrees. Give us a try.

High Resolution

Resolution is defined as pixels per inch (ppi) or more commonly, dots per inch (dpi). You can state the resolution in one of two ways, the dots per inch and the number of inches (300 dpi at 10 in.) or the actual pixel dimensions (3000 pixels by 2400 pixels – the size of a 10 x 8 print at 300 dpi). As a rule of thumb, images when sized to their printed or displayed dimensions would be at 72 dpi for use on the web, 150 dpi for ink jet printers, and 300 dpi for commercial printing. Supplying images at a resolution slightly higher than what is required is a good thing, and images at a lower resolution will need to be “bumped up” degrading the quality, Photography should be done at the highest camera resolution and the original file saved and backed up. Never modify the original file. Make a copy to edit and size.

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Pop-Up Banners

Roll up banner stands are an easy and portable way to transport your message. They can be used as informative displays at events, highlight special offers and make your next trade show as easy as walking in. Three banners stands can be used instead of a pop-up booth. This makes it more cost effective to transport, faster to set-up and easier to modify your message for each event. Tie it all together by using these good looking stands to reinforce your message when clients are at your location. We only offer “Expolinc” banner stands because of their sleek look and durability. They come with a lifetime guarantee and it’s easy to swap out graphics. We can work with you on your design and, as always, provide quick service.