Film Processing and Printing

Rudinec & Associates has the capability to process black and white negative, color negative and color transparency films in formats of 35mm and120 roll or 4×5 and 8×10 sheets. Prices shown are for processing only; “contact sheets” are produced digitally and ordered separately. Minimum order $30.00

120 roll
4×5 sheet
8×10 sheet

35mm film is delivered sleeved in archival pages or sleeved and uncut.  All other film sizes are delivered in plastic sleeving. *35mm slides delivered sleeved and uncut. Slides can be mounted in paper or plastic mounts for an additional cost.

Traditional Printing from Negatives
We have the equipment and expertise to provide traditional wet lab printing from color and black and white negatives. We print directly from 35mm, 120 roll, 4×5 and 8×10 formats. Prices will be quoted based on your individual requirements.

Digital Files to Transparencies
Slide and Transparency Duplication

Traditional slide duplication is no longer available; however slides can be digitized and output as duplicate slides through our film recorders.
Digital files can be output as 4×5 or Medium Format or 35mm transparencies.

Prices will be quoted. Minimum billing is $45.00