Better than the original…

A RequestAPrint client selected several naval images to be reproduced for their new facility. One of the selections was from a 40 year old 4×5 transparency that was slightly out of focus and showed there was damage to the original artwork. The image “The Battle of Midway” by Rodolfo Claudus had seen better days. It had the right look, and was to be enlarged to a 41″ x 83″ canvas print and displayed in the “Midway Room” at The Naval Academy Club, in Annapolis, MD.

Considering the quality of the transparency and the amount of work needed for the digital restoration, it was decided that we would photograph the artwork work with a new high resolution digital file. When the painting was removed from storage it was seen to be in worse condition than expected. The oil on canvas work had a number of large and small areas of discoloration. There was also heavy cracking, flaking paint and mold.

Sarah performed her magic with digital restoration and the “Better than the original” reproduction was shipped to it’s new home. Leaving us with a sense of accomplishment in going from a low quality transparency to a 7 ft reproduction that defines the room.

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