Artwork Collection Photography

Drawing on our years of experience providing high quality photographs using both film and digital equipment, we can efficiently and economically photograph selected works or entire collections. Our in-house processing lab assures that if your needs include transparencies they will be processed quickly and to rigid standards.

Collection photography is done on location, and pricing is determined by your individual requirements as well as the quantity of works being photographed. Coupling this with our RequestAPrint program and Collection Management Software can make this an integrated approach to putting your collection online and becoming a source of revenue.

Digital photography provides the advantage of easy distribution and viewing of images. Digital images do not exhibit the color bias of film and are easy to manipulate. Since files cannot be enlarged without loss, photographing at a sufficiently high resolution becomes important. Tiff files, while lossless, can be large and are best used for storage as a “master”. Jpeg files are compressed and easier to share, when saved at a quality of 10 or better they can produce excellent results. The downside of digital is that images require computer technology to store and view them. Transparencies provide the benefit of the test of time, require no hardware or software to view, and are not easily retouched or manipulated. This makes them ideal for preserving an unaltered record of the work at an instance of time. Transparencies can be stored traditionally and scanned as needed to different resolutions.

We specialize in photographing your artwork and providing both transparencies and digital files. Call us for specific details and pricing. (330)-726-2572

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